Wheatley Farm is excited to offer fresh pasture-raised chickens, fresh pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys, and pasture-raised pork in 2021. 100% grass-fed beef coming in 2022!

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Whole or Half Pig

Reserve your Whole or Half Pig today! Our heritage breed pigs are pasture-raised and moved frequently so they always have access to fresh grubs and grass. They also enjoy a non-GMO grain ration that's grown and milled right here in the Hudson Valley. Their ability to express their natural instincts and live an active life on pasture makes for excellent pork!


Buying a whole or half pig is a great way to get our tasty pork for the best value. You'll be saving at least 20% off our retail price, plus you get to customize the butchering of the pig to your preference.

How to Order

We require a $200 deposit to reserve a half pig; $400 deposit for a whole pig. Deposits can be made by check, cash, or the online shop below. The remaining balance is due at pick up, payable by cash or check.


You’ll be charged a price per pound based on the hot carcass weight (HCW) of the pig. The HCW is the weight of the animal immediately after slaughter, but before final trim. The HCW weight of a whole pig typically ranges from 170-220 lbs; half pigs are typically 90-110 lbs HCW. 


  • Whole Pig Price: $5.00/lb HCW

  • Half Pig Price: $5.75/lb on half the HCW


Our price includes slaughter, butchery, and smoking fees. As an example, a whole pig with a HCW of 200 lbs would cost a total of $1,000 (200 lb x $5/lb). A half pig of the same size would cost a total of $575 (100 lbs x $5.75/lb).

What Cuts Will I Get?

Once we receive your deposit, we’ll send you a “cut sheet” to fill out. You’ll use this to specify how you want your pig butchered.

You can request a mix of chops, roasts, bacon, ham, sausage, and organ meats. Making use of organ meats and bones increases the value of your whole/half pig purchase. If you’re not into organ meat, maybe your pet is! We’re available to help you fill out the sheet and answer any questions you have. All meat will be flash frozen in vacuum sealed packaging.

How Much Meat Will I Get?

A typical cut yield is around 70% of the hot carcass weight (HCW), but this depends on how you have your pig butchered. More bone-in cuts and organs will increase your yield and the overall value. Boneless cuts and smoked products (due to water loss from smoking) will reduce your overall yield. 

For a half pig with a HCW of 90 lbs, you might expect to get around 60-70 lbs of meat. For a whole pig with a HCW of 200 lbs, you might expect to get around 120-140 lbs of meat.

How Much Freezer Space Do I Need?

A half pig will take up about 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space, more if you choose bulkier cuts like bone-in roasts.

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Pick Up / Delivery Info

Pork will be ready in January 2022 and can be picked up at the farm in Stanfordville. For a small fee, we can deliver your pork within a 50 mile radius of the farm. We'll contact you when your pork is ready to schedule a pick up or delivery time. Please plan ahead for your intended pick up time as we cannot accommodate long term storage of your pork.

Deadline to Order

Our pigs are going to the butcher at the end of December, so we'll need your deposit and completed cut sheet no later than December 26th.