Wheatley Farm is excited to offer new products this year. We'll have fresh pasture-raised chicken, pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys, and pasture-raised pork. Coming in 2022 will be 100% grass-fed and finished beef!

You can now reserve our pasture-raised chicken below. More info to come about turkey, pork, and beef. Join our email list to get updates!

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Here at Wheatley Farm, we raise slower growing Freedom Ranger chickens for their superior foraging ability and flavor. Our chickens are raised in “tractors” that are moved daily to provide continuous access to fresh pasture. If you’ve never tasted pasture-raised chicken, you’re in for a real treat! Our practices ensure you’ll get the best tasting chicken while also improving our soil health on the farm which will pay dividends for our future grass fed beef operation.
In addition to fresh pasture, our chickens are fed non-GMO grain grown and milled locally in the Hudson Valley. We process the birds on-farm to preserve quality and ensure they are handled humanely.

How to Buy

Our fresh Whole Chickens are available by pre-order only. We expect these chickens to sell out every month! To reserve yours today, we require a $10 deposit per bird.


Birds can be picked up at any one of our monthly pickup times - see below for dates. Please make sure to select the correct pickup date when reserving your birds.

Want to have fresh chicken all summer long? Go ahead and reserve as many birds as you like, all the way through October! You may also want to consider buying extra for the freezer, so you can enjoy pasture-raised chicken this winter.

SALE! Buy 3 chickens, get the 4th one FREE! The deposit on the FREE bird is still required, but will be applied to your balance at pickup.


Whole Chickens are $7/lb and each bird requires a $10 deposit to reserve. Your deposit will be applied to your final balance, which is due at pickup, payable by cash, check, or Venmo. 

We expect each bird to weigh between 3.5 - 5 lbs. Liver, hearts, feet, and necks are sold separately and can be pre-ordered below. 

​To reserve your bird, add the deposit below to your cart and check out. To reserve multiple birds or to reserve birds for multiple pickup dates, please add multiple deposits to your cart. You may pre-order birds for any and all of the pick up dates listed.

Pick Up Info

All pickups are at the farm at 256 Layton Rd, Stanfordville, NY 12581. Sorry, we can’t accommodate alternate pick up sites or delivery at this time.

Pickups are from 2-4pm on the following Sundays: 

  • June 6, 2021

  • July 11, 2021

  • August 8, 2021

  • September 19, 2021

  • October 10, 2021

Please select the correct pickup date when reserving your birds. You may reserve birds for multiple pickup dates in one order.

Butchery Options

NEW! For only a few dollars more, you can now get whole chickens butchered in one of three ways! Below are your options.

  • Spatchcock ($2/bird): Backbone removed with the bird layed flat. Perfect for grilling or roasting! Hands down, our favorite way to prepare a chicken.

  • For The Grill ($4/bird): Bone-in breasts, bone-in legs, whole wings with tips. Perfect for the grill! This option also works great for fried chicken.

  • Everyday Cooking ($6/bird): Skin-on boneless breasts, tenders, bone-in thigh, bone-in drumstick, buffalo wings. This is the most versatile option - great for roasting, pan frying, grilling, instant potting, air frying, you name it!

All cutting options include a backbone, which we recommend saving for your next batch of stock. Choose your butchery options when you reserve your birds below.


NOTE: Because we process our chickens on the farm, we're unable to vacuum seal separate cuts so they will be combined into one or more bags that are not vacuum sealed.