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About Our Farm


Wheatley Farm is a blend of the natural and cultivated where field and forest, hill and valley come together to form a landscape that is entirely unique, yet quintessentially Dutchess County. The livestock dotting the pastures of our hillside farm recall the agricultural heritage that is woven into New York’s cultural fabric. 

Current Stewards

The Budnik Family purchased the land that makes up present-day Wheatley through the early 1970s in order to help preserve the area’s agricultural heritage and open spaces. Since then, Wheatley has deepened its commitment to the land and community by eliminating the use of pesticides and herbicides, while also hosting such local groups as the Millbrook Hunt. We continue that commitment to the land by encouraging the growth of wild, natural habitat on much of our acreage, while also employing smart farming techniques that help enhance soil fertility and animal welfare on the remainder of the land.

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Our Farming Philosophy

Wheatley Farm has been responsibly raising a small herd of pasture-raised cattle for more than 35 years. Our farming philosophy starts with the land, continues to our livestock, and extends out to our customers and community.

The Land


Wheatley’s commitment to the communities it serves begins with a healthy respect for the land. For over 35 years, neither herbicide nor pesticide has touched the farm’s pastures or hay fields. Additionally, its hillside vantage point not only offers unparalleled views, but also provides uncontaminated spring-fed water sources. Finally, Wheatley has actively promoted farming practices that increase soil health, foster forest growth, and all around promote the health of native wildlife populations, creating a true, rural ecosystem.

The Pasture Raised Cattle


Our careful stewardship of the land extends to the livestock that the land supports and so, the humane treatment of our animals is a job that we take seriously. Our cattle are raised on our 600 acres, most of which are rolling pasture land. The animals enjoy sunshine or shade. They graze and socialize as they please and are never contained indoors.

Our cows are bred to produce their calves in early Spring. Cows and calves are then turned out to pasture as grass is growing quickly. That way, the young calves benefit from both their mother's milk production and plentiful fresh grass. Locally sourced grains supplement their diet, as they become young beef, prime for processing just seven months later. They never see a feedlot, and never receive feed contaminated by antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts.

The Community


With its deep respect for land and livestock, Wheatley Farm passes the benefits of its careful management on to its community and customers. In addition to being a clean neighbor to surrounding properties and farms, our pasture-raised ethos means that our customers receive beef that is uncontaminated by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics. We think you’ll agree that this makes for a superior product from a health and culinary perspective.





Maddie Morley, Farm Manager




256 Layton Road

 Stanfordville, NY 12581



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